credit card equipment

Finding credit card terminals to fit the requirements of a merchant is essential to providing quality service. The right credit card equipment will make the acceptance of credit cards fast and simple for merchants and customers. There are many different types of credit card machines that allow merchants to run credit, debit, gift cards and checks. Credit Card terminals connect to the payment processors by telephone, internet or wireless to send and receive sales authorizations. Depending on the business and the needs of the merchant, there are different solutions to process transactions.

Merchants that want to accept credit cards as a form of payment need to use either a credit card machine or another type of credit card equipment to send transactions. Once a merchant has the equipment, they can either swipe cards or manually key in the customers account information so it can be sent through the network to the card issuing bank. The credit card terminals provide a safe and secure means to accessing the card networks. Credit card equipment can access these networks by either an internet connection, a telephone line or wireless through a mobile network.
As technology has advanced, credit card companies have added new features as fraud cutting measures. One of the improvements has been the addition of smart chips on their credit and debit cards. These chips (called EMV) increase security and limit the possibly of fraud by removing the need for the magnetic strip on the back of older cards. Merchants concerned about limiting their liability should consider upgrading to a credit card terminal that offers a EMV chip card reader. Being able to process chip card transactions will put a merchant in full compliance with the card association requirements and limit any potential fraud liability.

Our credit card machines provide quick transaction speeds along with reliability and flexibility to fit any merchants needs. Contact one of our sales representatives to see what credit card equipment best fits your needs.