pos systems

POS (Point-of-Sale) Systems are software and hardware computer systems commonly used in the restaurant, retail, hotel and salon industries. POS Systems are able to track and provide reporting for sales, labor, payroll in addition to processing payment transactions. Many Point of Sale Systems can integrate reporting into other accounting software and be managed remotely through other offices if needed.

Point of Sale Systems have changed the restaurant and bar industry, improving not only the customer experience but how businesses are managed. Systems that are able to store all items allowing for simple ordering by the server. Once an order has been input, it can be sent to the appropriate printers in the bar or restaurant for preparation. Servers are able to accurately charge customers and can print guest checks quickly. Management is able to view sales, product inventory, labor and other reports nightly, weekly, monthly or for the year. Having this information easily accessible can prove to be very valuable and time saving for managers.

In addition to improving tracking and reporting of business activity, point of sale systems add value and revenue. Restaurants and bars are able to substantially decrease lost sales and theft of product by requiring all items to be entered into the POS. Businesses on average realize about a 10% increase in sales after installing a POS system. This increase in revenues is not only from loss prevention, but creating consistent pricing for all modifications and change orders that normally might not be accounted for. Many times customers are not charged, or under charged for added ingredients that can be viewed as lost revenue. Most restaurants and bars find that by adding a POS system, it has helped them generate more sales and become a more efficient operation in a short period of time.

Businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, having increasingly upgraded to using POS systems for their day to day operations. For more information or to receive a POS System quote for your business, please contact one of our Point of Sale representatives.