the Allied advantage

Forward Thinking Credit Card Processing Services

At Allied Payments, our focus is to be the leading full service provider of payment processing services for e-commerce merchants on the Internet. Our goal of offering low cost merchant account services with the most advanced payment processing software and applications has allowed us to become an online leader.
We have continually grown by building and maintaining solid relationships with all of our partners, while continuing to offer new services and features to our existing portfolio of merchants, thus allowing them the tools for continued success.

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what separates Allied Payments

We provide each of our merchants the same attention, service and support to help manage and grow their businesses regardless of their size or industry. With a large online portfolio of merchants, we have successfully been able to offer our same low cost pricing models to brick and mortar merchants, saving them thousands of dollars a year in fees.

Our combination of service along with our low cost transparent pricing has been the driving force behind our continued success in the payment processing industry. Our staff of payment processing professionals works hand in hand with each of our clients, ensuring if any of our merchants run into a problem, we will work with them until the problem is resolved to the client's standards.

our mission at Allied Payments is:

“To follow our principles of honesty, integrity, and provide outstanding merchant services. Working directly with each of our merchants, we can ensure that our customers receive exceptional credit card processing services. We focus our business on our merchant’s business. We listen to what our merchants need and want, and then find the solutions necessary for their success. This has been our recipe for having so many successful businesses using Allied Payments.”

Start saving money today!

Startup businesses as well as existing businesses can start saving money with an Allied Payments merchant account. Contact one of our payment processing professionals with any questions or for more information about getting started. We are here to help.

credit card processing

Our low fees for online credit card processing have helped thousands of merchants save money with their internet and retail store credit card processing services.

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payment gateway

Our advanced payment gateway allows merchants of all sizes to process credit cards with low fees along while providing simple transaction and account management within the gateway.

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