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Allied Payments ISO Agent Program

Are you new to the credit card processing industry and looking to create your own client portfolio? Are you an existing merchant account sales agent looking to find new opportunities with a different company? At Allied Payments, we work with and provide all the tools agents need to become successful in the credit card processing industry.

What separates Allied Payments from other merchant services agent programs?

  1. Complete Agent Tools to help merchant services agents understand and sell our credit card processing services across all types of business. We provide complete in-house solutions from credit card machines and payment gateway service to POS system sales and services.
  1. Create your Sales Team with our affiliate program. Receive ongoing compensation from your affiliates and referral merchants without the hassle of hiring and managing employees.
  1. High Risk Credit Card Processing services are also available to sales agents. Our domestic and offshore payment processing network allows us the ability to process payments for most merchants regardless of their business type or history.

The Benefits of the Allied Payments Agent Program

Allied Payments Agents Receive:

  • Multiple Payment Acceptance Types, including EMV credit card machines and POS systems.
  • Agent sponsorship into the payment networks.
  • Nearly 100% new merchant account acceptance with our trained in-house underwriting professionals.
  • Ongoing PCI Compliance assistance and support

Allied Payments Customers Receive:

  • Multiple types of payment acceptance methods
  • Direct integration into the credit card and pin debt networks
  • Complete back office reporting to help manage your business
  • Complete PCI Compliance

For more information about our sales agent compensation program, or to get started selling merchant services with Allied Payments, please contact one of our payment processing professionals for more information. We would be glad to have you on the team.