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Information about the fraud protection services for e-commerce, retail, and high-risk businesses.

Selling Credit Card Processing

Starting to Sell Credit Card Processing Buy now, pay later. Ever since its creation, the mighty credit card has given cardholders the power to conveniently get what they need right now, even when money is tight at the moment. Today, the use of credit cards for both brick-and-mortar and online shopping continues to rise, but…
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What is Visa Secure: Verified by Visa

3D Secure: Verified by Visa Important Facts Online fraud has been around since eCommerce started. Payment network Visa has established their very own security program to protect account owners and their transactions — Visa Secure (formerly Verified by Visa), a 3D Secure feature. This program is meant to make online purchases not only safer, but…
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ACH vs eCheck

Understanding Checks: Comparing ACH vs eCheck If your business requires you to sell in bulk, it would mean that you need to transfer and receive huge amounts of cash. Checks are usually the most common way to transfer large sums from one account to another. And with the existence of Automatic Clearing House (ACH) and…
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What is Address Verification Service (AVS)

What is an Address Verification Service Accepting online transactions bring in bigger opportunities for small and new businesses. It attracts more customers due to its convenience and secured payments. Using an internet merchant account or payment gateway can cost more, but the revenue growth more than makes up for it. With all these fees you…
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How eCheck Payment Processing Works

Owning a business is faced with a variety of payment options. One of the oldest forms of payment after currency are checks. Today, many merchants have opted to offer echeck payment services, also known as electronic checks, to their customers.  While not as widely accepted as credit or debit cards, echecks have been steadily growing…
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Credit Card Processing Fees

Credit Card Processing Fees: The Complete Guide for Small Businesses Small businesses are getting popular these days, and it comes with technicalities and other requirements to manage it. One of these complexities would be the credit card fees (for merchants) or commonly known as credit card processing fees. Here we will help merchants understand fee…
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How to Start A Credit Card Processing Company

Guide on How to Start A Credit Card Processing Company Whether agents are looking to learn how to sell merchant services or how to start a credit card processing company, payment processing can be a very profitable business. Credit cards have been around for decades and more and more people each year use it as…
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