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Information about the Address Verification Service, also known as AVS.

Best Online Credit Card Processing

Best Online Credit Card Processing If you are a starting business owner and you’re looking to open your first eCommerce business, you might be wondering if you can just use PayPal, which probably has enough eCommerce offerings. Just about every business needs to be able to accept credit cards and debit cards, but choosing a…
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Credit Card Capture

Credit Card Capture Credit or debit card transactions still make a big part of today's payments.  As more and more transactions are occurring online, the need to understand how debit and credit card payments work is increasingly important.  At least to know its basic function, or go through the detailed process, and for merchants to…
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Credit Card Authorization

Credit Card Authorization Online Purchasing items online is easy thanks to the millions of websites and mobile applications offering goods and services. Customers from all over the world can choose products in other countries and with a few clicks, the chosen item is paid, then shipped. And shopping experience is made more secure today because…
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List of Credit Card Declined Codes

Credit Card Decline Codes Credit card error codes are a series of numbers showing faults of the transaction. It comes with an error message that points out the cause of the discrepancy. The error code and error message are stored in the merchant’s payment transaction history records. Businesses should always check these codes during and…
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