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Information about the credit card processing fees and rates associated with merchant accounts.

What is MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard SecureCode: Why Is It Important? Online shopping is undeniably convenient, but the risks that come with it can be real trouble, too. This is where MasterCard SecureCode comes in to create a much safer space for shoppers. It protects consumers from instances of fraud and identity theft, among other online security issues. Aside from…
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What is Shopify? Guide to How Shopify Works

Online shopping brings so much convenience, which makes it an ideal platform for most business startups and those who have established their roots. For businesses, this is an ideal way to reach various customers and offer products and services with much less effort as physical stores. If you've considered going online, you've probably seen Shopify…
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Selling Credit Card Processing

Starting to Sell Credit Card Processing Buy now, pay later. Ever since its creation, the mighty credit card has given cardholders the power to conveniently get what they need right now, even when money is tight at the moment. Today, the use of credit cards for both brick-and-mortar and online shopping continues to rise, but…
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What is Visa Secure: Verified by Visa

3D Secure: Verified by Visa Important Facts Online fraud has been around since eCommerce started. Payment network Visa has established their very own security program to protect account owners and their transactions — Visa Secure (formerly Verified by Visa), a 3D Secure feature. This program is meant to make online purchases not only safer, but…
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