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Information about electronic cigarette credit card processing services.

PCI Compliance

What is PCI DSS Compliance eCommerce owes much of its growth to governing rules and regulations that consistently protect both business and consumers.  Regardless if you run a small pizza shop down the street or an offshore business using a high risk merchant account, transaction security is required. Running any type of business will require…
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What is 3D Secure

What Is 3D Secure? Every day, more and more purchases are made online with debit and credit cards. The internet has been one of the largest game-changer in human history when it comes to commerce. Empowering customers to buy almost anything wanted without the need to leave the house. We can order food, buy groceries,…
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NonProfit Credit Card Processing

NonProfit Credit Card Processing Some traditional ways of getting funds for a cause includes going out to any public place with envelopes or going house to house to explain your cause. Now, you just need a website, an engaging social media presence, and a nonprofit credit card processing set up. Collecting membership fees, specific dues,…
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CVV Code

CVV Code: Your 3-Digit Card Security Feature You may be fond of using your cards for cashless transactions, but are you familiar with all the details in it and its uses? On every purchase you make online using your debit or credit card, you will be asked to give the unique 3-digit CVV code at…
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