echeck payment gateway for tech supportE-checks are very similar to traditional paper checks but are created using an electronic process.  With quick settlements of funds, merchants can receive their funding in only a couple of days similar to credit cards.  And since most transactions today are done via debit cards, consumers will not notice a difference in payments though merchants will notice much lower fees.

Why Accept eCheck for Tech Support

The challenges faced by tech support merchants have forced many to start accepting echecks as their preferred payment method. Merchants that have found payment processing using credit card or debit cards are usually paying high discount rates with large reservees and set up fees. These fees stem from the limited number of payment processors willing to work with these clients, forcing businesses to turn to aggregated or sponsored accounts as a way to blend in their transactions.

To combat the issue that has created many problems for the credit and debit card industry, e checks are a means to limit that. Customers face increased difficulty when trying to reverse an electronic check transaction verse reversing a bank card payment. The extra hoops that consumers need to jump through to chargeback a transaction reduce this problem, resulting in more customers reaching out to the merchant to solve the problem. This can help merchants save alot on the costs associate with refunds and chargebacks that happens so often with credit and debit card.

To avoid much of the negative stigma of tech support, merchants can easily adopt eCheck. With lower fees for set up and processing, it has become a favorite for many of today’s tech support businesses. Account management is very similar to that of a credit card statement, with complete reporting so merchants can understand the recent sales history.

As a cheaper and more affordable method for accepting payments, the use of e checks is strongly recommended for tech support businesses. While many merchants might remain hesitant to move forward, the merchants that have integrated into the Allied Payments check processing gateway have noticed that customers overall do not have an issue paying by check.

Problems with Tech Support Payment Processing

The tech support industry has been around for nearly 20 years. Over this time, many businesses have come and gone and even more customers have had their credit or debit cards charged. In many cases, whether it was outright fraud on the part of the merchant or the customers simply forgot they agreed to be customers, high numbers of chargebacks occurred. Quickly the tech support industry became a restricted and eventually prohibited business type at many of the payment processors.

Merchants have tried a number of different solutions to accept credit and debit cards. Including written authorization and voice authorizations, but rarely do these agreements hold up during the chargeback dispute process.  These ongoing problems have turned many banks and payment processors off to the tech support industry.  Though there are a few processors willing to work with these solutions, the fees are usually very high and the terms are weighted against the merchants because of their checkered history.

How to process Tech Support eCheck payments

The process of accepting eChecks is very similar to that of credit cards or debit cards. The payment processing software offered by eCheck processors contains many of the same features as that which is found in most credit card payment gateways.

Payment Gateway
Like a credit card payment gateway, the echeck payment gateway  for tech support provides a place for customers to enter their account information to initiate a transaction. Filling in a blank check, the customers provide their routing and account numbers to submit to the payment processor. At the payment processor, this information is used to create an electronic check and sent to the merchant’s bank for cashing.

Virtual Terminal
Part of the payment, the virtual terminal operates like a stand-alone terminal found in many retail stores. This allows merchants the ability to enter customer information on their end, bypassing the website shopping cart, and directly entering the checking information into the payment network.

Batch Upload
At the end of the business day, all of the transactions accepted by the merchant throughout the day will be sent for finalization in the batch upload. This once-daily transaction sends the payment processor a finalized request for each of the day’s transactions. From the processor, the requests for payment are sent to the customer’s bank on behalf of the merchant.

Merchants will be notified once the payment is successful by receiving confirmation that the transaction has been as collected. Once the batch upload is received and sent out for settlement by the processor, merchants can expect to see a settlement in the next couple of days. A very similar process to that of a credit or debit card transaction.

Tech Support eCheck Payment Gateway

Many of the merchants that have contacted Allied Payments about eCheck processing are concerned about how to integrate their shopping cart to the payment processor’s gateway. Realizing that there are a number of different shopping carts, the payment gateway is built a number of different plugins to help make the integration process fast and simple. With accessibility to nearly every one of the larger shopping cart programs including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and PrestaShop, merchants will not have any problems with their integration.

Providing security is one of the most important functions of a tech support payment gateway. Using a secure SSL server to transmit authorization is essential for protecting merchants and consumers alike when sending account information from the customer to the payment processor. The most sophisticated and secure gateway is one that is certified PCI Compliant, a requirement for Allied Payments to prevent the opportunity for fraud or other types of hacking. Offering this level of security is essential to earn the trust of your customers when requesting payment for your services.

The functionality of the e check payment gateway is another factor that makes echeck a preferred payment method. Similar to a credit card payment gateway, merchants can utilize the virtual terminal function when manually entering customer checking account information. Using the same secure means as a customer-initiated transaction, the virtual terminal sends transactions through the same SSL servers to the payment processor. Allowing merchants to provide the highest levels of customer support without jeopardizing the security of the website or payment processing services.

Integration is simple with our API, and full documentation is provided for all developers integrating with the WordPress plugin. The seamless integration between the website shopping cart and payment gateway allows merchants to focus on building their business instead of managing transactions.

Get started Accepting Tech Support eCheck today!

As the most reliable and low-cost payment processing solution available, tech support echeck processing has grown considerably through the USA. A quick and easy application process can get merchants accepting payments within days, not weeks like many of the sponsored merchant account solutions.

Contact one of the Tech Support eCheck processing professionals at Allied Payments to learn more about setting up your business’s account. With significantly lower fees and processing costs, accepting electronic checks is a great alternative or addition to any tech support business’s payment gateway.